Our Company

Greek Sea is a reliable charter company with more than 27 years of experience that will offer you an amazing yachting cruise! Our luxurious fleet and solid network of local partners ensure quality and excellent services to all of our clients.

With our strong experience, our top quality services and our efficient team, we are happy to offer you the variety of choices you need in order to organize your holidays in the best possible way! We will be happy to suggest you the yachts, sailing areas and Greece sailing routes that best fit your needs in order to enjoy perfect holidays!

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About Our Yachts

At Greek Sea we take pride in providing the most luxurious choices available, to make your trip unforgettable.

We are offering unique selections of crewed sailing yachts, outboards, SUP/Paddle Surf and hostess. Crewed chartering combines a high quality service and friendliness with complete freedom to explore amazing destinations in Greece!

Our luxurious cabins provide you with all the required amenities, in order to make your trip as much comfortable as it’s possible.

All of our fleet is equipped with the latest technology, making them a reliable choice for your trip destinations.

We use the best technology for navigation, propulsion, maintenance, security, communication and connectivity. These aspects are taken care of, to ensure efficient operation, maximum efficiency and security.

Yacht and boat safety standards have never been at a higher level with the addition of new technologies.

Safe boating involves a number of precautions, and at Greek Sea your safety comes as a priority to us.

Our safety equipment on charter boats complies with safety regulations and is tested regularly. There’s a lifejacket for each person on board, appropriate means of fighting a fire on board and means of signalling an emergency.

In addition, a bilge device (pump, bucket, bailer) and first aid equipment is always available.

Our crew is instructed in how to use the safety equipment effectively, as well as do its best to get to you when you’re in trouble on the water.